How To Teach Speaking English

Speaking is an important part of the process of learning basic English. Even though it is important teaching for many years there is no point when the method given for teaching is wrong. Most teachers when teaching speaking only uses the memorization of dialogue without making an English discussion. This learning system makes our English speaking less effective especially in Thailand, where English is a foreign language. The current English conversation learning system must prioritize students communication skills because in that way students will be able to express themselves to learn to follow the rules of English when communicating. So, if you want to teach English in Thailand you could visit There are several techniques for teaching effective English speaking.

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1.Discussion. Discussion can be applied when students finish working on the questions. Invite them to discuss the English problem they have been working on so they are accustomed to finding a solution and a conclusion.

2. Role Play. Another way to improve speaking skills is to play Role Play. With this game, students will pretend to be a society that faces a social context. The teacher will provide information to students about the role played and students will be faced with a problem. So students will make a conversation in the case that will be experienced.

3. Storytelling and completion. This activity will make students tell a story that they have heard before. Can also make a story of your own to tell classmates later. Story Telling requires a high level of creativity. All students are required to form a circle, the teacher will tell a fairy tale with clipped sentences. The task of students is to complete the sentence with their ideas, can add a character, role, and description. This technique is very fun.

The above techniques can be applied to teaching basic English and are very fun. To practice speaking English it must be done as early as possible. Starting from simple exercises like this will form a character to communicate in good English.

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