There Are Ways To Maintain Genuine And Synthetic Leather Sofas

The use of chemical cleaners themselves can change the color and texture of the surface of the sofa. Also, try not to clean the surface of the sofa by using a coarse-textured fabric because it can also cause erosion on the surface of the sofa. You must always maintain your sofa carefully if you wish to beautify your room interior all the time. In the meantime, if you require the services of professional interior designers, you can call the Celcius Interiors.

There are 3 points you must know for maintaining Genuine Leather or Synthetic Leather sofas, such as:

1. Eliminate stubborn fungus

One problem that often appears on the surface of a leather sofa is the appearance of mold and stubborn dirt. There is a fairly easy way for us to apply if you experience a similar problem, namely by using liquid baby soap, here’s how:

Wash the surface with mildew or stain gently using a soft sponge and baby liquid soap. The comparison is a few drops of baby soap mixed with clean water as much as ¾ dipper.
Rub the sponge evenly
After that, rinse the surface with a rather damp cloth, then immediately dried using a fiber cloth (chamois).
Apply the sofa moisturizer evenly to the surface, and leave it for about 3 minutes.
Wipe the entire surface with a soft, dry cloth that is soft and smooth.

2. Daily Care of Sofas

Use a feather duster to clean the sofa from dust.
Always clean it using a soft cloth (for example from cotton) that is slightly wet, and dry it with a cloth made from fiber (chamois or chamois).
When exposed to water or food spills immediately clean and dry.

3. Caring for a sofa which is made of synthetic leather

The quality of synthetic leather sofas is certainly different from using genuine leather. To keep the quality good, here’s how:

Clean the sofa by using a vacuum cleaner to remove mild dirt.
Pour a cup of water into a container, then add 1 tablespoon of liquid soap (dish soap). Then stir to produce enough foam.
Take foam with a soft cloth, then apply to the surface affected by the stain. It also works to get rid of the damp which is usually the cause of blemishes. Repeat until completely clean.

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