These Are The Common Types Of Marble Floors

Marble floors have been gaining in popularity since the 1990s, although they were originally used since the Roman empire. This floor, which is constructed from natural stones, is favored by many ages because its smooth and beautiful appearance can make the room look luxurious. This type of flooring has many different types and characteristics. That is why the installation cannot be applied in random places. Meanwhile, if you need to find more pieces of marble furniture, perhaps you want to check out the best marble feature wall Singapore.

Before you learn more things about marble floors, you must know their types beforehand, such as:

Polished Marble Floors

This floor has a smooth and glossy surface with an additional coating layer. The coating process is done after the marble slab has been stuck to the floor. It looks more luxurious and elegant, suitable for use in minimalist homes.

Honed Marble Floors

Honed marble floors have a matte dove look. The price is relatively expensive because of the scarcity of material needed to form the marble. This floor is suitable to be applied in bathrooms and watering places because of its anti-slip and moss-resistant nature.

Acid Marble Flooring

Patterns on the acid floor appear to arise. In order to get the best result, acid floors are given chemicals and rubbed using a soft brush that causes marbling on the marble surface. Besides being used as a floor, acid marble can also be used as a layer of walls and stairs.

Here are more reasons to choose marble floors:

Last longer

Marble is formed from a long, natural metamorphosis process. The process makes the marble layer thick and hard, making it more durable when used as a home floor. The mineral content in the marble will also maintain the luster of the floor so it does not look dull.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Floors that have a smooth surface can be easily cleaned using a wet cloth. Stains that pollute the floor will not stick because it is protected by a coating layer. Caring for marble floors is also easy! Simply by cleaning it every day and checking if there are cracks, your floors always have a long life!

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