These Two Glass Types Represent Aesthetic And Simplicity

Stained glass has a variety of color choices. Usually, this stained glass is cut into small sizes and then arranged using a lead bar into an image like a mosaic. Stained glass is generally found in churches and living room parts of homes. The colors of this stained glass can reduce the intensity of sunlight that enters the house. Besides looking beautiful when viewed from outside the house, this stained glass can produce colorful shadows in the house when exposed to light. It’s a very artistic type of glass. Additionally, if you have a damaged window glass in your house, you may want to call the best window glass repair company in your city.

On the other hand, if you want a more general glass, use clear glass. Clear glass is the most common type of glass used to build houses. Usually, this glass is used as a window raw material. It is flat, undistorted, colorless, and capable of refracting objects up to 90%. Because of its clear form, sunlight can easily enter the room.

But when the sun is so hot, the heat will disturb the comfort of the occupants of the house. Not to mention if there are strangers who can peek inside the house. That’s why you need to add curtains. Curtain thickness is quite diverse, ranging from 5 mm to 8 mm. Window curtain types also vary.

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